Perfect Vagina

The Perfect Vagina, does it exist? Here’s a topic I thought I would never have a need to discuss! On BBC there was a show called “Perfect Private Parts”, the topic was about women in Europe getting plastic surgery on their vagina. Yes!!! their vagina. I understand boob jobs, butt implants, Botox, and others but immediately I thought.. WTF??? Then as it showed a young girl (16) having this done, it became less of a joke and more of a concern. What if this trend came here to the USA? Are parents ready to handle this convo?

These women compared themselves to girls in the nude show all magazines. If a guy didn’t call the next day, they thought it was because of what their “fanny” looked like. They really thought cosmetic surgery on their “fanny” would help their chances of a relationship. Are you Freakin Kidding me!!! All I can think is… these poor women have no confidence, do they really think this will help? It’s absurd. My friends and I talk about a lot of things but we do not have vagina parties.

There’s a man that’s helping these women by making molds of their vagina, yes they lay there spread eagle and this man slaps on this blue rubbery stuff that dries and when peeled off… you have a mold of your “bits”. This has helped these women see themselves in a new light and opt out of the surgery. I guess after-wards you can use it as a conversation piece when company comes over.

Of course I had to ask the men around me if they ever dumped a girl because of what a vagina looked like…..Did they inspect it to see if it met their specifications?    The result…………they thought I was crazy, ……they’re men, they were just happy to get some…oh did I mention their MEN!!!!

My concern- if this does get to the USA are parents here ready to have the vagina talk with their daughters? Will they even realize that the girls are doing this? I mean, I know people who just learned what a ‘Brazilian” is. If you have daughters I suggest you keep your communication very open and keep yourself informed. READ READ READ!!! Learn to say words like vagina to your daughter (it’s really NOT a bad word).

As for me, I will NOT be having cosmetic surgery on my vagina, I’m happy with it just the way it is!

See the full broadcast here

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  1. don’t even know what to say about this Rachel.

  2. I had never even thought about something like that! Crazy!! Not for me…that’s for sure!!

  3. Rachel that is weird and a bit disturbing. Don’t young women have enough body image problems? Vagina perfection madness is the last thing they need.

  4. Fascinating subject! I believe with all of the free online porn sites, more and more people are seeing that yes, every vagina is as different and unique as our finger prints. There is no perfect…rather IM(Perfect). Thanks for sharing. You are awesome!

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