DIY Fire Pit

DIY Firepit

So you want to build a fire pit. But you don’t know how? Don’t want to spend the money? Here’s how I built my fire pit using re-purposed materials and $20. When I bought my house, the previous homeowner had created a flower garden out of cinder blocks behind the house. They had also created a small planter in the middle of the back yard using landscaping blocks. When I moved in I removed all blocks from both and removed one of the planters. Of course I didn’t want to throw away the old blocks so I stacked them beside the house and there they sat for years. When I decided I wanted a fire pit, I knew I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase one. I also wanted a larger fire pit (we have large parties in the summer and love sitting by the fire). So I surveyed the materials that I had on hand. This is what I decided on, Cinder blocks for the foundation, cement landscape edging for the walls, landscape blocks for the corners and old stamped bricks to finish it off. All the materials were either with the house when I bought it or ones that I had previously purchased and was no longer using.

1.)    I began by digging a small trench for the cinder blocks to sit in and leveled/squared them off.

2.)    I used the cement landscape edging to create the walls, using landscape adhesive to hold them in place. You can find it at your local home improvement store.

3.)    I used the landscape blocks for the corners.

4.)    I then used cement blocks as a wall cap.

5.)    Last I mixed a bucket of cement to ensure the walls and corners were all connected and stable.

Fire Pit

I will complete the Fire Pit with some red stamped bricks that I have lying around. They will serve as a border to hide the tops of the cinder blocks. In the end I bought 3 tubes of landscape adhesive and one bag of cement (of which I only used a small amount of). Total money spent about $20! This project took me about 4 hours to complete including around an hour of cleaning my old moss covered blocks.

Fire Pit 2

Have you built something with re-purposed materials? What was it?

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Country born and raised transplanted to the big city. Dedicated husband and father to a mini me. Family comedian, movie fanatic. Corporate sales manager turn social media junkie. Jack of all trades, tool guru addicted to getting dirty in the garage and always looking for a new project. Bazinga!


  1. Great job! I pinned it. Now where are the smores?

  2. WOW thats a great BIG PIT!! I might try it on a smaller scale our yard cannot accomidate such a beast! =)

    • Justin Beam says:

      The best part is that most people have the materials just laying in their yard somewhere! Go for it, you can definitely do it!

  3. sue ann johnson says:

    do u know how to make one that its not touch the ground my landlord funny about fire pit

  4. Victoria Snell says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial. Your fire pit looks great and im having a hard time deciding on what I wvantm. It’s between the concrete path, firepit and the DIY rotessorie / grill. Way too much to choose from but im wondering if I can use the firepit to cook . Justin would you have any thoughts or modifications on this matter.
    Thank you

    • Rachel Ferrucci says:

      You can cook on a firepit but you would need a grate to put the food on and depending on the flavor you want for the food, you can get different wood to burn or charcoal. Remember never to burn pressure treated wood!!! We toast marshmallows and roast hot dogs all the time! Let us know when you build it and send pictures!!! Tweet us @JKBeamer and @RachelFerrucci

  5. I’m building a outdoor kitchen with all recycled materials. So far deck, grill area wood fire pit. Now working on gas pit with old car rim, burner out of old grill and glass that came out of a prison in ga.


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