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Book & Beauty

Some call them “guilty pleasures.” We prefer “well-earned necessities.” A romantic read for your heart and head, and soothing solutions for your body. Join us Tuesday, March 26th @ 9 PM ET at the #BNBcrave Twitter Party. We will be discussing one of the hottest upcoming books about a young woman’s courage and tips to accentuate your beauty!


Hashtag: #BNBcrave

When: Tuesday, March 26th 9 PM ET

Where: Twitter

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Host: @Cravebox

Brands: @GrandCentralPub @JohnFriedaUS @vaselinebrand @stacyread Biore

Panelists: @zipporahs @lisasamples @rachelferrucci @FairenDel @jkbeamer @RobynsWorld @TonyaStaab @AlyWalansky

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