Bon Jovi Rocking it Out- #TuesdayTunes

This week my Tuesday Tune is from Bon Jovi. When Bon Jovi first came out they were a total rock band. There was a point in their career that they decided to change it up and keep up with the times. This is when I thought they were a little pansie, however, you can not deny the rockers they once were. I have many favorites from this band but my top three that suck you in to sing your heart out are:

Wanted Dead or Alive- Probably one of the best songs ever! I’ll never forget the first time I saw them play it live in New Haven. Richie Sambora comes out and is just sitting there on a stool playing and Jon Bon Jovi starts singing. We didn’t scream, we were too busy feeling the guitar and the voice. Once Jon got to “I’m a cowboy”, we (the crowd in the coliseum) were singing so loud, I’m not even sure I heard Jon anymore. It didn’t matter at that point because we were all a part of the band at that moment and they were playing background for us. It was one of the best concerts I ever went to and for me to remember it, tells a lot!

I’ll Be There For You- No explanation needed

Never Say Goodbye!- This song is special to me because we had this played as the last song at our wedding. My husband, me, and the girls all sang it together.


What’s your favorite Bon Jovi tune?


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  1. Oh wow. Look at all that hair!! Thanks for playing along!

  2. I also adore Bon Jovi. A highlight was hanging out back stage with Jon, his wife, RIchie, & Heather Locklear at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame inaugural concert in Cleveland back in 1995! Yes, name dropping, I was a volunteer for the grand-opening and the concert back stage passes was my payment for a week of work. I got so excited when I saw their private jet arrive, I took photos because it had the band name written on it. My hands holding a cup of liquid :-) appeared in a photo of ‘us’ in Star Magazine. Haha. One of my favorite Bon Jovi songs is a newer one: Making Memories.

  3. julie/just precious says:

    OMG was that a PERM? Look at his hair! My how times have changed.

    I always knew his music, but didn’t really pay attention to him til he started acting.

    And now I love that he’s active in the Philadelphia region.

  4. I am a jersey girl was not a huge fan as a kid but learned to appreciate the group as I got older. John is active in the philly area, when he owned the soul he was a very hands on owner, great for philly.

  5. How could you forget the one my blog is named after? My husband is always pushing me to add the soundtrack of It’s my life… to the blog, but we all know how annoying THAT would be!

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